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Cleanroom non-woven wipers

These fleece cloths are characterized by a low particle emission, excellent absorbency and high wear resistance. Depending on the type, they offer good resistance to solvents and chemicals.

Pictures are showing enlarged section of wiper structure.
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 Sontara MP
 ISO 5-6
Cleanroom wiper Sontara MP100
 Sontara AP
 ISO 6-8
Cleanroom wiper Sontara AP
 Bemcot M3-II
 AZ-8, EA-8, M1
Cleanroom wiper Bemcot M3-II, M1, AZ8, EA8
 Kimtech Pure W4
 ISO 5
Cleanroom wiper Kimtech Pure W4
 ISO 5-6
Cleanroom wiper Tech Clean Wiper
 Rayon wipers
 ISO 7
Cleanroom wiper made from Rayon