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Cleanroom garments washable Cleanroom garments washable, light blue, from stock available

Cleanroom garments, washable
For all areas where the product has to be protected against particles

Sample pictures of cleanroom garments - Please click for further information

Cleanroom coats made of Selguard-I or ACLEAN-JC material. Various models
Cleanroom overall made of Selguard-I or ACLEAN-JC material
 Face mask
Cleanroom hood and face mask
Cleanroom blouson and trouser
Cleanroom underwear
Cleanroom shoe covers washable

In a cleanroom, the human being is the most disturbing factor. Therefore, cleanroom garments are very important in critical cleanroom areas. To meet special cleanroom conditions, adequate cleanroom garments are necessary. If you need an advice, please let us know. We will help you in achieving the desired cleanroom level.

Maybe this overview can help you in choosing adequate cleanroom garments:

Recommendations of cleanroom garments (pdf.)

Washable cleanroom garments

For sensitive areas, cleanroom ISO class 4 - 5, only washable clothing is an option. The polyester material guarantees low particle release. The included carbon fiber provides excellent antistatic properties. We offer high quality cleanroom garments with exceptional comfort and in many functional designs. Our standard models are available from stock.

Washing service

In cooperation with a competent partner we offer you a washing service for cleanroom class ISO 4-7.

Cleanroom garments - Protection from hood to toe

Overalls, coats, shoe covers, hoods, face masks, underwear, socks -
Washable cleanroom garments in different styles:

If you need EN 14126 certified protective clothing against infectious agents please let us know!

We are happy to help you in chosing for you adequate garments!

Also models up on customer's demand and oversize garments are possible. Please contact us!

Disposable cleanroom garments you can find here: Disposable cleanroom garments