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Cleanroom coats

Selguard-I Material

Standard material SELGUARD-I
Made of 98% Polyester and 2% Carbon
Cleanroom ISO class 4/5 fit

  • Autoclavable
  • Dissipative
  • Hard-wearing
  • Available sizes: XS - 3XL
    Oversizes from size 4XL and custom-made products upon request
  • Packaging unit: 1 pc.
  • Colours: White and light blue (other colours upon request)
Selguard-I material specification (pdf.)

Standard coats and name plates made from SELGUARD-I material:

Cleanroom coate made from Selguard-I material, washable

Art.-no.: RM483109 (light blue)
Art.-no.: RM483109W (white)

  • Zip fastener
  • Stand-up collar with Velcro fastening
  • Rubber band at the sleeves
  • 1 breast bag, 2 side bags
  • Velcro tape for name plate
Cleanroom coat made from Selguard-I material, washable

Art.-no.: RM483119 (white)
Art.-no.: RM483119B (light blue)

  • Zip fastener
  • Stand up collar with Velcro fastener
  • Knitted cuffs
  • 3 bags
  • Velcro tape for name plate
Washable cleanroom coat, Selguard-I Material

Art.-no.: RM483111 (white)
Art.-no.: RM483111B (light blue)

  • Press buttons at the front and on sleeves
  • Stand up collar
  • 3 bags

Name plate for cleanroom coat, Selguard-I material

Name plate - Velcro tape for fastening

Art.-no.: RNS487112 (white)
Art.-no.: RNS487112B (light blue)

  • Black, embroydered
  • Standard: 1. letter shortened name, last name, capital letters
  • Order only in pairs possible!

ACLEAN JC Material

Coats and name plates
also available from ACLEAN JC material
Cleanroom ISO class 4 suitable

Same features as above - Delivery time appr. 6-8 weeks -

Available colours: White, light blue, dark blue

ACLEAN JC material specification (pdf.)

Cleanroom coat light-blue

Short coat
Made of ACLEAN JC material
Appr. 15cm shorter than basic cut

  • Zip fastener at the front (50cm)
  • Stand up collar with 2 push buttons
  • Knitted cuffs
  • 2 push buttons for name plate
  • Without bags
  • Sizes available from stock: M and L

Art.-no.: RMK483220(size)

Please note, htat all launderable garments have to be washed under your cleanroom requirements before using!

Also garments upon customer's request possible - please let us know your requirements.