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Vacuum cleaners
With and without HEPA filter

Often a regular cleaning with special cleanroom vacuum cleaners is needed. A vacuum cleaner can be used as a cleanroom vacuum cleaner, if it fullfills some special properties:

You can find various models in our standard delivery program:

Cleanroom vacuum cleaner IVT 1000

IVT 1000 CR Cleanroom vacuum cleaner

RSTIVT1000CRH (Dust class H)
RSTIVT1000CRM (Dust class M)

  • Equipped with ULPA U15 exhaust filtration
  • Meets ISO (4)5 cleanroom certification
  • Equipped with a HEPA filtered throw away dust container meets "H" class filtration (not certified H)
  • All stainless contruction
  • Autoclavable at 121°C
  • Extremely quiet
  • Upstram HEPA H13 filter
Technical data and accessories (pdf.)
Cleanroom vacuum cleaner GM 80P LC

GM 80P LC Cleanroom vacuum cleaner

Art.-no.: RSTGM80P

  • ISO 5 fit
  • Body made of polished aluminium
  • Steel chassis
  • Rubber castors
Technical data and accessories (pdf.)
Vacuum cleaner VP300

VP300 HEPA EU2 Vacuum cleaner

Art.-no.: RSTVP300-2

  • ISO 7 fit
  • Certified HEPA-Filter
  • High dust bag volume
Technical data and accessories (pdf)
Dry/wet vacuum cleaner VL500
Dry/wet vacuum cleaner VL500 series
With Ergo tipping system for easy emptying

RSTVL500-55-2EDF (55 L capacity)
RSTVL500-75-2EDF (75 L capacity)

  • Emptying the container without having to remove the motor head makes operation fast and easy
  • With special dual fitration system
Technical data and accessories (pdf.)
A failsafe filter design makes operation easy due tothe ability to have individual wet and dry filters working simultaneously. Each filter is specific for either a wet or dry application ensuring maximum performance. With the special dual filtration system, VL500 can beused in whatever environment, wet or dry, without the need to changefilters.

The use of a HEPA filter is also possible, but this is only suitable for dry use.
Back pack vacuum cleaner GD5 GD10
Backpack vacuum cleaner GD5 / GD10


RSTGD5B (5 L capacity)
RSTGD10B (10 L capacity)

  • HEPA H13 filter
  • Low sound level
  • 5l and 10l container available
Technical data and accessories (pdf.)