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Sterile wipers

Prosat911 moistended cleanroom wipers sterile and non-sterile

Cleanroom ISO class 5 suitable
Material: Polypropylene

Art.-no.: RTPROSAT911S

  • Compatible with ISO class 5 cleanrooms
  • Very low concentration of sodium (less than 3ppm)
  • Increase solvent control and accountability
  • Reduced VOC emissions
  • Sterile per AAMI guidelines
  • Size: 9" x 11"

Packaging unit: 30 wipers
Min. order qty.: 6 PU
Price: € 15,70 / PU

The PROSAT® 911 wipers consist of polypropylene wipers saturated with a solution of 70% isopropanol alcohol and 30% deionized water in a resealable pouch. The pouch opens easily and the wipers are readily dispensed. The PROSAT® 911 wipers utilize a meltblown polypropylene wiper which is exceptionally clean, being free from additives of any kind.

Sterile wiper ORYX

ORYX - Sterile non-woven wiper
Cleanroom ISO class 5 / GMP are A suitable


RTBOWS12 (Size 12" x 12", C-folded)
Packaging unit: 1.800 pcs.

RTBOWS9 (Size 9" x 9", C-folded)
Packaging unit: 2.700 pcs.

RTBOWS9B Size 9" x 9", non-folded)
Packaging unit: 2.400 pcs.
  • Excellent durability & strength
  • Contains no optical brighteners or whitening agents
  • ISO class 5 and EU GMP Grade A conform
  • Outstanding absorption properties
  • Low linting
  • Double packed
This sterile wiper is usable for critical production processes like semi-conductor and pharmaceutical production as well as biotechnology application. The wiper is gamma- irradiated in order to eliminate bacteria and sterilize the product