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Classification of the different particulate air cleanliness classes (pdf.)
Classification as per EU-GMP-Guideline (pdf.)
Cleanroom garments recommendation (pdf.)

Working in a cleanroom

Present day High-Tech R+D and manufacturing without Clean Room Technology would not be feasible.

In Physics, Chemistry and Medicine we are advancing more and more rapidly into the Microcosmos, i.e. the exploration of the molecules and atoms like for example in the molecular science and nuclear technology.

The invention of the Scanning Electron-Microscope or the X-Ray Microscope enabled us to detect smallest structures.

From this knowledge revolutionary products in the areas of nuclear physics, microelectronics, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology were generated. One of the important areas of technology which changed our dailylife substantially was the efficient production of the Silicon Chip.

And it was the Microelectronic industry which played the leading role for developing an industry which is identified as CLEAN ROOM TECHNOLOGY.

The technical development level of our industrial Society can be measured by their degree of Cleanroom Culture. In a Clean Room the human being is the biggest disturbing factor. He loses between 80 and 100 hairs and 20g of dandruff per day.

In order to measure the pollution in Clean Rooms, a classification of 1-100.000 (FED/ Std. 209 D) was introduced.

On this basis, in a Class 1 Clean Room in a volume of 1 cbft., 1 particle of 0,5µ in size is allowable. In a Class 10 Clean Room 10 particles per cbft are permissible, etc.

The present day pattern on a Microchip generated by Photolithography are in the range of less than 0,15µ !

In Printed Circuit manufacturing the trend goes to resolutions of 50µ and beyond.With the help of the future technologies of the 21. Century, like the Nanotechnology (100nm = 0,1µ) new material, from smallest components are developed with chemical and physical properties yet unknown. In this area as well, Clean Room Technology is an indispensable tool.

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