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ESD products

ESD products

ESD Products

  • Wrist strap
  • Coil cord
  • Earth connecting box
  • Trash box
  • Waste bags
Art.-no.: Description Packaging unit:
ESD20507503 Wrist strap: Elastic, adjustable, hypoallergenic, GS certified 1 pc.
ESD21007523101 Coil cord: Light weight, 2x1M Ohm resistor, 2,4m length, 10mm snap, GS certified 1 pc.
ESD2200121101 Earth connecting box: 3 connections 1 pc.
ESD220112111 Earth connecting box: 4 connections 1 pc.
ESD5180.854 ESD trash box: Round, black, 35L 5 pcs.
ESD5181.851 ESD trash box: Quadratically, black, 120L 2 pcs.
ESD5181.851 Permastat waste bags: Made from static dissipative Polyethylene, recyclable, pink, 120L 100 bags/roll - min. order qty. 3 rolls
ESD3101625R Dissipative waste bags: Made from Polyethylene, recyclable, 50L 100 bags
ESD-B-MOUSEB2024 ESD Mouse Pad 1 pc.
ESD Mousepad

ESD Mousepad

Article-no.: ESD-B-MOUSEB2024

  • Surface resistivity: 103 ~ 104 Ω
  • Size: 20 x 24 cm
Made from double layer conductive rubber. The outer conductive surface is black, inner surface (ivory) is for isolation.
Conductive cleanroom paper

Conductive cleanroom paper


  • Electric conductivity: 106 Ohm or less
  • Suitable for copying
  • Recyclable
  • A4 and A3 available
  • Light green
Properties (pdf.)

Packaging unit: 5 x 250 sheets

Effective against static electricity during manufacturing process and product delivery. Used as insertion paper for wafer, PCB, chip tray and other electronic products.

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