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Dust binding mats
minimize the risk of entering particles into the cleanroom

In order to minimize the risk of entering particles in the cleanroom, dust binding mats are laid out in front of the entrance. The dust binding mats absorb dust and dirt from soles and transport equipment and do not release them again.

Two different types of dust binding mats are used: Mats with adhesive film and permanent dust binding mats.

Adhesive film mats consist of 30 layers of thin Polyethylene films coated with a special adhesive. If top layer is dirty, it will be replaced and a new, clean layer is on top. Depending on the application, these type of mat is also available with antibacterial coating which eliminates germs.

Permanent adhesive mats must be cleaned regularly. After cleaning and drying, the adhesion of the dust binding mat again is reached.

Advantages at a glance:
Dust binding mat, adhesive mat

Sticky Mat
Adhesive mat


MST1200-W (1200 x 600 mm, white)
MST1140-W (1140 x 660 mm, white)
MST760-W (760 x 760 mm, white)
MST1140-B (1140 x 660 mm, blue)

Packaging unit:
1 carton = 4 mats with 30 removable layers each

Dust binding STICKY MAT consists of 30 removable layers of tough and thin Polyethylen film building a mat with only 2 mm thickness. Each one of the white/blue layers is coated with an adhesive taking off particulates from shoes and transport devices when contacted. The mat surface provides full surface contact and thus ensures an effective elimination of dirt. When the upper layer is used up it is simply taken off and a new one appears right below.

Blue Mat - antibacterial sticky mat, antibacterial dust binding mat

Blue Mat
Antibacterial dust binding mat


MB1200/900 (900 x 1200 mm)
MB1140/900 (900 x 1140 mm)
MB1143/457 (457 x 1143 mm)

Packaging unit:
1 carton = 4 mats with 30 removable layers each

The antibacterial dustbinding mat is an adhesive film mat with antibacterial coating. It is used in entrances or sluiceways to cleanrooms in pharmaceutical and food companies.

Each of the thin layers is coated with a highly developed adhesive containing an antibacterial substance. This specially formulated adhesive takes up immediately particulates from shoes and transportation devices and eliminates germs. The even mat surface ensures full floor contact and thus works as well as an efficient dirt elimination with antibacterial effect.
Permanent dust binding mat

Permanent dust binding mat

Standard sizes: 1200 x 600 mm / 1000 x 1000 mm

Packaging unit: 1 pc

SBM does not leave any plasticizers or any remnants like Vinyl chloride. The material is hard and has a long-term effect. The mat has to be cleaned at least once a day. The cleaning with a wet sponge is easy. When touching the mat surface with the wet sponge the adhesion is stopped. After dry off the surface adhesion again is reached. For a quicker dry off a rubber scraper can be used.


SBM-mats with a thickness of 6mm are usable for daily use at high demand. The mats with a thickness of 3mm are usable for daily use without highly demand.


Art.-no.: Thickness: Size (mm):
MSBM1200/3 3 mm 1200 x 600
MSBM1200/6 6 mm 1200 x 600
MSBM1000/3 3 mm 1000 x 1000
MSBM1000/6 6 mm 1000 x 1000
MSBM1000/3-2M 3 mm 1000 x 2000
MSBM1000/3-3M 3 mm 1000 x 3000
MSBM1000/3-4M 3 mm 1000 x 4000
MSBM1000/3-5M 3 mm 1000 x 5000
MSBM1000/3-6M 3 mm 1000 x 6000
MSBM1000/3-7M 3 mm 1000 x 7000
MSBM1000/3-8M 3 mm 1000 x 8000
MSBM1000/3-9M 3 mm 1000 x 9000
MSBM1000/3-10M 3 mm 1000 x 10000

We are happy to assist you in choosing of your suitable dust binding mat type. Please contact us!

Frames for dust binding mats

When using adhesive film mats, the use of a frame can make sense - the design is then flexible. The frame may be removed e.g. for floor cleaning or used in changing locations.

In addition, mats may also be used on bases (e.g., rough, damp subfloors) where application would otherwise be unacceptable. In contrast for direct application to the floor, the use of a frame eliminates sticking on the floor.

Aluminium frame for dust binding mat
Aluminium frame for dust binding ma STICKY MAT
Art.-no.: MR1140/660

Packaging unit: 1 pc.
Aluminium frame for antibacterial sticky mat
Aluminium frame for
antibacterial dust binding mat Blue Mat

MR1143/457 (for mat size 1143 x 457 mm)
MR1140/900 (for mat size 1140 x 900 mm)

Packaging unit: 1pc.