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Dust binding mats
for entrances into sensitive areas

Applied dustbinding mats in front of entrances to dust sensitive areas minimize the risk of entering dust and particles. These reliably absorb dust and dirt from soles and transport equipment and do not release them again.

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Sticky Mat
Sticky Mat
Blue Mat
dust binding mat
Permanent dust binding mat
dust binding mat

Two different types of dustbinding mats are used: Adhesive film mats and permanent dust binding mats.

Adhesive film mats consist of 30 layers of thin polyethylene films coated with a special adhesive. When the upper layer is used up it is simply taken off and a new one appears right below. Depending on the application, these are also available with antibacterial coating to kill germs.

Permanent adhesive mats must be cleaned regularly. After cleaning and drying, the dustbinding mat has the full adhesive power again.

Dust binding mats