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Cleanroom garments made of Polypropylene
Low lint, breathable
Cleanroom ISO class 7/8 usable

These cleanroom garments are made of 100% leight weight, breathable spunbonded Polypropylene. The garments are suitable for simple nursing and hygienic area.

CE Cat. I acc. PPE (No medical device)

Med Comfort Polypropylene Cleanroom-overall 05160


Art.-no.: EO310062S (Size S)
Art.-no.: EO310063M (Size M)
Art.-no.: EO310064L (Size L)
Art.-no.: EO310065XL (Size XL)
Art.-no.: EO310066XXL (Size XXL)

  • Zip fastener at the front
  • Hood
  • Elastic band on arm and leg
  • Colour: White

Packaging unit: 50 pcs.

Med Comfort Polypropylene coat 05010


Art.-no.: EK310048M (Size M)
Art.-no.: EK310049L (Size L)
Art.-no.: EK310050XL (Size XL)
Art.-no.: EK310051XXL (Size XXL)

  • Push buttons at the front
  • Low revers collar
  • Elastic band on arm
  • Colour: White

Packaging unit: 50 pcs.