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Disposable cleanroom garments

In a cleanroom, the human being is the most disturbing factor. Therefore, cleanroom clothing is very important in critical cleanroom areas. To meet special cleanroom conditions, adequate cleanroom clothing is necessary.

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Short overview disposable cleanroom garments

BioClean-D Overall coat sleeve cover
BioClean-D Overall Mantel Ärmelschoner

Protection from head to foot

All models are as sterile and non-sterile available - ISO 4 fit

Material: Innovative low-lint, extreme light fabric. Excellent wearing comfort, antistatic and hard-wearing.

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Kleenguard Overall A50 coat A7

KLEENGUARD Protective clothing
Cleanroom class ISO 7/8 fit

Various models: Overall, lab coat, hood, shoe covers

Material: Depends on model - also with chemical protection
low lint and brathable.

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TYVEK coat Overall Classic Industry apron

Cleanroom class ISO 7/8 fit

Overalls, coat, hood, sleeve cover, shoe cover, apron

Material: 100% Polyethylene with unique structure, chemical resistant, tear resistant, antistatic

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Coat made of Polypropylene
Polypropylene coat
Cleanroom class ISO 8 fit
For easy care and hygienic area

Material: 100% Polypropylene spunbond.

Leight weight, brathable. CE Cat. I acc. PPE (Not a medical product)

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Cleansafe overall and coat
Cleanroom class ISO 6 fit
Overall and coat

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Hoods, shoe covers and overboods, as well as beard cover complete the cleanroom clothing concept.

Please let us know, if you need assistance to find the most convenient disposable cleanroom garments for your application. We can provide sample garments for your testing purposes. Please contact us!