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Code of conduct of HANS J. MICHAEL GMBH

This code of conduct of the Hans J. Michael GmbH contains all basic values, rights and principles we use in daily dealings with our employees, customers, suppliers and other people observe, respect and pass on to other persons to whom a business connection exists. An environmentally conscious way of working and its continuous improvement are a matter of course for us - every employee is obliged to observe them.

Respect for employees

The Hans J. Michael GmbH respects the internationally recognized human rights. Regardless of the equivalence of all human rights, for Hans J. Michael GmbH are really important:

Fair trade and competition law, prohibition of corruption, fight against money laundering

We do not tolerate corruption. The Hans J. Michael GmbH is committed to a fair competition. We keep a fair corporate standard in advertising, sales and competition. Grants in the form of cash or cash-like funds are prohibited at the Hans J. Michael GmbH. Accepting gifts and invitations are only permitted if the benefits are reasonable. It may not influence the decision making by the employee. We commit ourselves to comply with applicable anti-money laundering laws, money laundering is not allowed.

Foreign trade and export control

The Hans J. Michael GmbH undertakes to comply with all applicable import and export controls as well as the customs laws and regulations. All imports and exports are correct and clear duty paid. We respect the foreign trade and customs regulations.

Environment, safety and quality

Hans J. Michael GmbH sells products that customers use. Our manufacturers pay attention to safety and environmental compatibility of the products. We dispose waste in accordance with the law. We comply with the legal environmental, safety and disposal regulations.


The Hans J. Michael GmbH respects the right of personality and privacy of employees and business partners in the handling of personal data. Our employees may only collect, use and process data relating to or referring to persons in accordance with the principles of legality, transparency, proportionality and data economy.

As by January 2019

Code of conduct of Hans J. Michael GmbH (pdf.)