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Climate protection measures

Climate protection is a task that we can only handle together

Wherever possible, energy should be saved and the use of renewable energies should be supported.

How we have reduced our CO2 footprint:

Installation of a photovoltaic system
We have made it our goal to obtain energy from our own generation as much as possible. For this purpose, we had 88 photovoltaic modules installed on our warehouse and garage roof in 2020. This means an area of approx. 150m2 and results in a CO2 saving of approx. 17to CO2 / year. We are also a member of the Energiegemeinschaft Weissacher Tal eG. Should our own generation not be sufficient, we obtain green electricity from renewable energies directly on site.

Company vehicles: Hybrid models

Another measure was the change of our company cars to hybrid models.

Environmental Protection

Compostable packaging chips are used to safely pack our goods.

We will keep you up to date on the measures taken to protect the climate and the environment.