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RUBY STICK - Cleaning swabs

The Ruby Stick cleaning swabs are ideal for cleaning high-tech equipment such as computers, inkjet printers, electronic devices and for degreasing lenses. Further application they find in cleaning of optical glasses, such as loupes and microscopes. They leave no residue such as fibers, dust and lint. Hard to reach places and small spaces can be cleaned with them very well. The white, angled head is made of a very absorbent PU-foam, which allows an excellent fluid absorption. He also offers a good resistance to heat and corrosion by chemicals.
Ruby Stick T51 und T71

Model T51

Art.-no.: SWAB-RUBY-T51

  • Head: Ø 5 mm
  • Handle: 196 mm

Packaging unit: 1.000 pcs.

Ruby Stick T51 und T71

Model T71

Art.-no.: SWAB-RUBY-T71

  • Head: Ø 5 mm
  • Handle: 106 mm

Packaging unit: 2.000 pcs.

Other models upton request!

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