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Plastic mop frame

Plastic mop frame

The 40cm mop frame is made of smooth and resistant Polypropylene.

Mop take-up is foot operated.

The mop frame is autoclavable and disinfectant-resistant.

For a optimal working lenght, there are a lot of different quick-change handles available.

Art.-no.: Description
RRMOPPQK40H Mop frame made of plastic
RRMOPPQAM Drop off unit
RRMOPPQGTK170 Telescopic handle: 170 cm, 2 parts
RRMOPPQGK140 Handle: 140 cm
RRMOPPQGTA180 Telescopic handle: 180 cm, 2 parts
RRMOPPQGTA400 Telescopic handle, stepless extendable, 3 part, 400 cm