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Stainless steel mop frame

Stainless steel mop frame

Article-no.: RRMOPPQE40H

  • Handle attachment made of special plastic
  • Fully autoclavable, resistant to disinfectants
  • Quick-change system with clip
  • Plate closed at the bottom for even mopping pressure
  • Allows mop take-up and discard without mop contact
  • Electropolished stainless steel for smooth and wear-resistant surfaces
40 cm electropolished stainless steel folding mop frame for 40 cm flat mop system. Fully autoclavable and resistant to disinfectants. High performance plastic and a polished stainless steel surfaces ensure compliance with GMP and cleanroom demands and lasting durability. The quick-change system allows quick and easy combination of the mop frame with all stainless steel handles, no tools are needed.

Art.-no.: Description:
RRMOPPQE40H Mop frame
RRMOPPQGE140 Handle: 140 cm
RRMOPPQGTE140 Telescopic handle: 140 cm, 2 parts
RRMOPPQGTE200 Telescopic handle: 200 cm, 2 parts