Cleanroom products, cleanroom consumables, cleanroom equipment
Cleanroom products, cleanroom consumables, Hans J. Michael GmbH

Cleanroom garments washable Cleanroom garments washable, light blue, from stock available

Cleanroom consumables and equipment
Your reliable cleanroom partner

Since 1986 your reliable partner in cleanroom solutions. The company HANS J. MICHAEL GmbH is specialized in distributing cleanroom products.

» Extract from our product range:

 Washable garments
Cleanroom garments, washable
 Disposable garments
Disposable cleanroom garments
 Dust binding mats
Dust binding mats, tacky mats, adhesive mats, permanent dust binding mats
Wide range of cleanroom-gloves
Cleanroom wipers: Bemcot, Kimtec Pure W4, Sontara MP and Sontara AP, Tech Clean Wiper, pre-saturated wipers, esd-wiper

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Product catalogue and sample material

If you would like to know more, we would be pleased to send you our company catalogue. If needed, samples of gloves, wipers and disposable garments are available.


We will be glad to offer you needed cleanroom consumables - regardless if you need small or large quantities!

Take advantage of our long-term experience. We guarantee you a high delivery reliability, short delivery times and competent advice. See for yourself!

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Product range

In our product catalogue you can find a comprehensive selection of cleanroom consumables and tools suited for cleanroom class ISO 3 - 8. We are continuously working on further improving our cleanroom product program to meet customers requirements.

We offer storage of almost 100% from our product portfolio. This means for you a high degree of price stability and short delivery times. We are always ready to listen to customers special requests.

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★ This is new ★
Cleanroom detergents - Sterile, non-sterile, ESD-Cleaner a.s.o
Silicone sealant - Cleanroom fit
Cleaning system - For contactless cleaning
Automatic shoe cover dispenser  - Fast and easy
Cleanroom underwear - Light grey, made from Polyester
Cleanroom blouson and trouser  - 98% Polyester and 2% Carbon, ISO 5 suitable

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